Gold lacquer box with irises and Shōki

A very fine rectangular gold lacquer box, the exterior decorated in gold and silver togidashi- maki-e with irises in a water stream, the interior containing a rich gold lacquer tray worked in red togidashi-maki-e depicting Shōki, the demon queller with his large eyes and thick beard wearing a robe, long boots and carrying a sword, simulating a drawing in brush strokes. The interior of nashiji.
In Japan and China, Shōki is believed to drive away the demons and the subjects of Shōki and irises are often displayed during the tango no sekku (children or boys day festival) in Japan on 5th of May to celebrate children’s healthy and successful life.

Edo period (1615-1868), circa 1850
H 8.8 × 21.2 × 14 cm

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