Embroidery screen with flowers and birds of the four seasons

Kishimoto Keishun (1888 – 1975)

A four-panelled screen decorated in embroidery with the design of flowers and birds of the four seasons, a cockerel and a hen beneath flowering plum in spring, a peacock and peahen on a wisteria in summer, a pair of pheasants by autumn maple leaves and a group of geese and a pair of mandarin ducks amongst snow covered reeds. With tomobako inscribed 刺繍四時譜 岩本景春 作 (Embroidery with the four seasons, made by Iwamoto Keishun) with seal Keishun
Kishimoto Keishun studied under Kyoto-based art and craft designer Kamisaka Sekka (1866- 1942), an important artistic figure of early 20th century. Although embroidery used to have been considered an auxiliary method for dyeing or for decoration on kimono, he developed embroidery into an art form and created various works in his own style and technique using stylized designs. His work was first selected for the 11th Teiten Exhibition in 1930, and awarded the special prize at the 12th Exhibition. In 1935 he won the Art Academy Award for his work entitled ‘Shadow on the Lake’
Imai Mutsuko, Shishu ̄ Kishimoto Keishun (Embroidery by Kishimoto Keishun), 1980, p.228, pl.43

Signed in embroidery Keishun
Showa era (1926 - 1989), circa 1935
H 177 × W 214 cm

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