Iron and lacquer screen with mandarin ducks

Ōsawa Kōmin (1941 -)

An Iron and lacquer tsuitate screen decorated with stylized mandarin ducks and a vine bearing a flower and a fruit on a white lacquer background in irregular colours for effect to create the reflection of the water, the birds and vine worked in iron and different tones of gilt. The iron frame with an open work of stylized waves at the base set on a pair of iron circular stands.

Ōsawa Kōmin, his real name Ōsawa Yukimasa was born in Toyama Prefecture in 1941 and created his unique casting technique in 1980. His works were exhibited and won prizes at Japanese traditional crafts exhibitions. In 2005, he was appointed as an Important Intangible Cultrural Property Keeper and Living National Treasure.

Signed on the side of frame Kōmin
Showa era (1926 - 1989), circa 1960
H 127.5 × 90 × 25 cm

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